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Hi to all our Boat Captains!
We are inviting all Boat Captains to attend a Maintenance meeting scheduled for Saturday 03/26/2022 at 9:30 am. Our Fleet Captain, Paul Feldon, will be demonstrating how to service the boat winches. This is an ideal opportunity to learn how to service the winches so that you can take care of the winches on the boat that you captain. We will also discuss how boat captains can contribute to the maintenance of the boats. We hope to see all boat captains attend this meeting and similar future maintenance events centered around maintaining the Convair Sailing Club Fleet.
Please RSVP to Paul Feldon 


The Convair Sailing Club fleet of sail boats are maintained by our Boat Captains and club members that volunteer to participate and assist with repairs and regular scheduled maintenance days. Over the past two years’ Covid, we were not able to arrange these get togethers and people were skittish of public gatherings. Now we are looking at resuming these very much needed maintenance days under leadership of our very competent Fleet Captain Paul Feldon that will advise and guide us with much needed and much appreciated expertize.