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Challenge #1 - $10k Fund for New Sails


New Sails Challenge

Your club is in need of purchasing new sails. We have 5 sets of sails:

  • Victory Jib
  • Victory Mains
  • Ensign Jibs
  • Ensign Mains
  • Ensign Spinnakers

5 sets of sails for a total of 16 sailboats would cost approx $50k so obviously we cant do that all at once, and try to do a new set of sails every 2nd year to stagger the cost. Right now we are looking to replace the Victory Jib Sails (pending further eval.) and have started a Fund for New Sails. 

To help fund this goal, we are challenging each member to sail an additional 10 hours in the next 30 days: 110 members x 10 hours each x $10 per hour (Victory)(or $15 per hour on Ensign) we will be able to reach our goal and get the new sails!

Come on everybody! Let’s get sailing! Let’s  fund the new sails!

We can do this!!