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Convair Sailing Club Social Media Marketing

Social media has become critically essential in the marketing of our club. Help us by visiting the respective platforms, adding pics, videos, comments review and more.

Facebook PAGE – public Page aimed at promotion – search for Convair Sailing Club, submit comments, short stories, pics & video

Google Reviews – go to, search for Convair Sailing Club, submit a 5-star review with pics

Yelp Review – search for Convair Sailing Club, submit a 5-star review with pics

Facebook GROUP – launching a private group for club members only. Here club members can chat and arrange sailing events etc. This is different than the Facebook Page. We will be sending you an invite to join the group page by email. Please look out for the invite and join the group. This is aimed at improving internal communication among club members.

YouTube – submit your video and tag them with ” Convair Sailing Club ”

If you use other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit please let us know if you can assist to drive those channels: UPDATE – INSTAGRAM coming soon!

Always click on “like” and “follow” to improve ranking and browser visibility. Social media platforms and search engines are driven by algorithms measuring and counting reviews, click, visits, links, likes, subscriptions, following, pics, videos, comments, etc.

Pics and Video – submit your sailing pics and videos to ConvairSailingClub at gmail dot com