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Deposit Checks only
Deposit your payment for sailing hours
Insert your payment into the slot provided

Even inexpensive sailing clubs need money to operate.  

As you may have seen from the recent email, we are re-instituting the long-ago club practice of encouraging members to pay as they go. 

Please take a look at the accumulated sailing fees you’ve incurred and make a payment 2-3 times per year – rather than all at the end. It keeps your balance down and helps with the club’s cash flow.

Sailing balances for each member are listed by Member # and can be found on our club website – they’re up to date as of September 2.  If you’ve paid since the 2nd of September the balance may not reflect that — but thank you for your payment and contribution to keeping our club finances sound! 

At the dockside sign-in box, there is a slot with a “stuffer” as shown in the pictures here.  Please insert your check (no cash) into the slot and stuff it inside.  Remember to include your Member # on your check in the memo.