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2023 Convair Sailing Club Board of Directors

A special thanks to all our 2022 Board Members for their time and contribution to help to run your club and make it a sucess and all the dedicated hours of hard work!

The 2023 slate of 13 voting officers for our club’s Board of Directors will be as follows. 

Elected Officers:

Commodore: Louis Swanepoel

Vice Commodore: Sandy Leon

Rear Commodore: Tracy Williams

Secretary: John Rosen (will also serve as Historian)

Treasurer: Rich Gadek

Directors (3): Mark Sutton (will also serve as Port Captain)

Bob Keefe (will also serve as Dockmaster)

Bill Burch (will also serve as Registrar)

Jr. Staff Commodore: Traci Kush

BOD Appointed Officers:

Port Captain – Mark Sutton

Fleet Captain – Paul Feldon

Chief of Racing -Sandy Leon 

Chief of Instruction – Robert Skillings

From all of us at the club, thank you! to our fellow members listed above who volunteered their personal time to run the club in 2023!  

If you’d like to get more involved, come to a board meeting or reach out to any of the members here to get involved in any of the club’s activities, from racing to boat maintenance to marketing the club to attract new members.