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Convair Sailing Club social event

Where can I learn to Sail?

There are several sailing schools in San Diego where you can learn to sail.  You may want to start with a couple of introductory sails to see if you enjoy this and think this is for you before you spend money to join a club and pay for sailing lessons and a sailing course.  Convair Sailing Club offers classroom as well as on the water training with a dedicated one on one instructor. The benefit is direct attention and hand on practice and not getting lost in a larger group and not getting the actual chance to try it and do it.

Where is Convair Sailing Club located?

Convair Sailing Club is located at Harbor Island West Marina on Harbor Island in San Diego, centrally on San Diego Bay and right accross from the San Diego International Airport, previously known as Lindbergh Field.

What sailboats does Convair Sailing Club have?

Convair Sailing Club owns and maintains 16 sailboats in 2 fleets – 21 ft Victory Sailboat and 23 ft Ensign Sailboat. These are perfect day sailors on the San Diego Bay and particpate in monthly fleet regattas.  

How much does it cost to learn to sail in San Diego?

A Sailing Course is approximately $500 per person. Some clubs and schools may combine this with a membership fee. At Convair Sailing Club your club membership includes the training course. The training course consists of classroom sessions, paper test, material and handouts, four 4-hour on the water training sessions, checkout.

How long does it take to learn to sail?

Beginner sailing lessons are typically spread over two days.  Some of this time may be taken up with administrative and organizational time. The course starts with orientation and classroom theory and limits the practical on the water time.  This may also be concluded with a pen and paper test and a practical test on the water to make sure you have the basic skills.

What do I need to prepare before the course?

When you register for the course, you will be given course material to study. You should make sure to read this material in detail. If this is your first exposure to sailing and boating, the material will be unfamiliar and some of it may sound strange. Read it again and try to comprehend it. That will be to your advantage in the classroom discussion, understanding the instructor better and lead to a better experience on the water. You can also search Youtube videos how to sail to watch in advance that will help a lot!

Where can I sail after I have completed the course?

Most schools and clubs offer sailing within that club. Either club, rental or charter. Rates vary per club. At Convair Sailing Club, as a club member, you can rent 21 ft Victory sailboats at $10 per hour on the water every day.  There is no minimum or block of time / restricted days. Some organizations will allow you to charter at non-member rates. There are also commercial companies like Seaforth that rent sailboats and motorboats at public charter rates.

Where can you take sailing lessons?

There are many places where you can take sailing lessons, depending on where you live and what kind of sailing you are interested in. Here are a few options:

Local sailing clubs and schools: Many cities and towns have local sailing clubs and schools that offer sailing lessons for beginners and experienced sailors. These organizations often have their own boats and instructors, and can provide classroom instruction as well as on-the-water training. Convair Sailing Club provides sailing training for members included with membership.

Community recreation programs: Some community recreation programs offer sailing lessons as part of their summer camps or adult education classes. These programs can be a great way to try sailing without committing to a longer course of study.  For more information contact Mission Bay Aquatics Center.

Private sailing schools: There are also private sailing schools that offer a range of courses, from basic beginner lessons to advanced racing techniques. These schools may have more flexible scheduling options and may be able to provide a more personalized learning experience. Find out more at Harbor Island Sailing Club

Resort and vacation destinations: Many resort and vacation destinations offer sailing lessons as part of their activities and amenities. If you are planning a vacation, consider finding a resort or destination that offers sailing lessons to make the most of your time away.

Online courses: For those who prefer a more self-directed approach, there are also online sailing courses that can provide instruction in everything from basic sailing techniques to advanced racing strategies. These courses may include video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and other tools to help you learn at your own pace. Start now at America’s Boating Club

No matter where you take your sailing lessons, it’s important to choose a reputable instructor or school with experienced instructors and high-quality equipment to ensure a safe and effective learning experience