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Starting the Outboard motor on an Ensign

Our Ensigns have 4 stroke gasoline motors.  These motors come with a full reverse gear and a 3 gallon external fuel tank.  A plastic card with several simple but important instructions will be placed on the carrying grip of the motor for reference.  These include the following:

1) The throttle START position is halfway between fast and slow and is clearly marked by a circle symbol.

2) Twisting the throttle grip to starboard increases speed and twisting to port decreases speed. Faster and slower are indicated by “rabbit” and “turtle” symbols. Look athe the particular throttle on that engine

3) Please disconnect the fuel line and let the engine run until all fuel is out of the carburetor after returning to the dock. This will make starting much easier for the next user and will preserve the life of the carburetor.

4) To tilt the motor out of the water, first swivel the motor head to starboard to allow the motor to clear the transom, tilt and lock the motor, then swivel the motor head back to the straight position.

5) Be very careful to not place any pressure on bending the fuel line when tilting the motor as the fuel hose will perish and crack and lead to failure. If needed, disconnect the fuel hose, or turn engine sideways before tilting the motor.