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“Be kind and Rewind”

Safety Inspection Survey. 

A survey of each boat in the fleet was completed several weeks ago in preparation for obtaining Coast Guard Auxiliary safety inspection stickers for as many boats as possible. A group of volunteers is working on correcting the deficiencies that were found. Non-working navigation lights comprised the majority of these. We will request a formal inspection by the CGA as soon as the group has completed its work.

Maintenance Volunteer Teams

Many members have volunteered to help with the repair and maintenance of our fleet. To this end, I would like to form several volunteer teams that can work either independently or semi-independently in the following areas: Outboard motors, Fiberglass/West System, Rigging/Deck hardware, and Electrical systems. Please let me know by e-mail (pf*****@ao*.com) or text (617 281-4279) if you have some knowledge and/or experience in these and would like to participate or if you have questions.

After Sailing

The following actions after sailing and while stowing the boats will go a long way in preventing rigging problems:
Release tension on the mainsheet AND on the outhaul
Secure halyards in a manner that avoids wire to wire contact i.e. wrapping a wire jib halyard around a wire stay.