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Convair Sailing Club – help needed

We have the following activities on the BoD that NEED A CHAMPION to take responsibility and drive. 

1) Newsletter Communication Editor – Daniel Sisson is sadly stepping down.
Solicit blog articles and photo input. Review, edit prepare for publishing. Link to website.

2) Email member follow up communication
Welcome email to every new signup. Follow up email to see how classroom & on the water is
progressing. Congratulations with completing Victory checkout. Congratulations with
completing Ensign Checkout. Request Google & YELP review and make sure it gets “liked” by
different people from different place so it does not get buried. Invite all new members and all
new checkouts to Sunday Fun Sails

3) Webmaster
Just parking the website with a host or on somebody’s account may save money but does not maintain the website as a critical club instrument / tool for google placement and rankings, marketing, communication, web presence

4) Marketing
How to initiatives. Boat Shows. Reach out to employer companies. Flyer and brochures and
marketing material. JOIN  A NEW TASK FORCE!

5) Parliamentarian / Historian / Archive – John Rosen has volunteered
Maintain the official bylaws, club handbook. Critical review, suggests changes to BoD, edits and makes the  updates / changes, DO you have a box of old Convair Sailing stuff in your garage that you cant throw away?

6) Activities / Social Events / Club Fun Sails
Opening Day. Holiday party. Quarterly events. Installation dinner. Monthly meeting

7) Social Media
Reputation manager, reviews. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok. Photo contest, compiling videos. Posting regular content, more than 1x week

8) Sunday Fun Sails (March – Nov) every Sunday
Signup to be the organizer for that day, that’s only once in 2 months.

Contact Louis at gmail dot com for more information