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Cruise ships in San Diego bay

San Diego is a popular terminal for cruise ships sailing the American and USA West Coast. Today the Disney Cruise ship was dwarfed by a Princess Cruiser Liner at the cruise terminal in San Diego bay.

A beautiful sight and brings tourism dollars to our city.

View from Coastera Restaurant on Harbor Island East side.

Looking at the San Diego Port District Marine traffic log, you can scroll down to Ship Schedule and see that the Disney is called the Disney Wonder and the Princess ship is called The Discovery Princess. The chart also shows arrival and departure time so you can be aware of big ships in the bay when you go sailing.  Always a good idea to stay way out of their way 🙂 . When these large ships get ready to depart, they will sound two long loud blasts of the ship’s horn to indicate that they will be “Leaving Berth” shortly.  Be aware.

Inland Waters (Near Port)

One short blast = Changing course to starboard (right)
Two short blasts = Changing course to port (left)
Three short blasts = Operating in reverse
Five short blasts = Danger signal
Two long blasts = Leaving berth

Open International Waters

One short blast = Passing on ship’s port side
Two short blasts = Passing on ship’s starboard side
Three short blasts = Operating in reverse
Five short blasts = Danger signal

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