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Several or our Ensign sailboats have sustained significant damage to the gunnels (or gunwale), up to $3,000 to repair.

This is specific to the docks at Coronado landing. The design of the docks at Coronado landing (at Peohe’s restaurant) are higher and have a protruding overhang. This is easily visible from the pics. The white rubber sticking out contributes to the overhang.  Our Ensign sailboat (and Victories) have low sides and lay underneath that overhang. When wave action causes swells, the sailboat and docks move in such a way that the top of the gunnel slams against the bottom of the overhang with a severe force, causing structural damage to the vessel. Fenders, multiple and larger, have not been effective to provide sufficient protection.

We are in need to reinstitute a previous prohibition against docking at Coronado Landing / Peohe’s. At a recent board meeting this prohibition was voted on and approved.

Many sailors enjoy going to Coronado Landing for lunch, but this cannot be permitted anymore.  Club members are responsible for damage caused to the sailboat that you have signed out. Please help us to avoid this significant damage to our sailboats and huge cost of repair bills to the club.