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HELP promote your Club!

HELP promote your Club!

Variety of Convair Sailing Club flyers

Convair Sailing Club has a variety of flyers available that you can use to promote our Club.

  • Give them to neighbors
  • Put them up at the local library, Starbucks, Panda Express.
  • Hand them out at the school, store, heck even the street corner!
  • Ask your HR department to distribute to employees.

Some of these flyer examples  may have date specific info. Contact Louis to customize that for your needs.

If you have other ideas for flyer designs or marketing opportunities, please contact Louis

Convair Flyer Club Social BBQ July2022 2
Convair Flyer Marketing Bright 2
Convair Flyer Open House Apr2019 2
Convair Flyer Tag On Facebook Instagram
Convair Z Trifold Brochure 3 Page 1


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