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Help Wanted


We are looking for a talented person who likes to write and compile from others articles for our monthly newsletter.  Click here to see a version of our Convair Sailing Club Windwords from 15 years ago, when we had a rather regular newsletter with lots of various helpful information.  

The perfect candidate will have a blend of creative talent and a penchant towards organizing. 

In addition to penning and selecting what to publish each month, it also involves specifying timelines and collecting content from others to provide additional pictures and content. The club also has a rich historical archive of content, much of which is still beneficial to our membership and which can be dusted off and periodically re-published.

If you have experience with writing or enjoy it and would like to volunteer, please reach out to either me or Louis  (see cc: above for our email addresses). 

Thank you

Contact Tracy Williams – tw********@gm***.com


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