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Kudos to Alen Metzger, who recently stepped up to become the boat captain for sailboat Victory 610, for all the hard work to refurbish multiple components.
Don’t underestimate the hard work and these improvements are a significant amount of work and can take a long time. The amount of time and work needed at a level that will last a long time takes time and energy. The shorter winter days and unusual wet weather we have had in San Diego also restrict working time.
Alen was also instrumental helping Sandy with the bottom paint when sailboat Victory 610 was hauled out and standing in Sandy’s front yard. 
Excellent progress has been made to date:
– test fitted the new bulkhead and floor panels,
– wood cuddy panels and trim templates cut
– spar urethane coating 
Victory 610 will look very good when completed!
Next steps:
– 2 more coats on the cuddy parts and give them a few solid days to dry to be ready for  assembly and then ready for duty!
Victory 610
Victory 610