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To become familiar with our Club and various boats,  3 classroom sessions and 4-on-the-water  sessions are held to provide a good orientation for all new members. For those with extensive sailing experience a water assessment is given to determine your sailing and nautical knowledge.

Generally, our program begins on the first Monday of each month following the Board of Directors meeting.  Since Covid we have been doing these training sessions via ZOOM and this seems to be preferred. But, check the Club’s calendar for exact dates, time and locations.

Membership forms and dues are accepted at this first introductory session. All guests that are interested to learn more about sailing with Convair Sailing Club are welcome!

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Ensign Sail Boat
Ensign Sail boat

Learn to Sail

Almost anyone can become a member of the Convair Sailing Club, so long as you can meet the following qualifications:

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We’d love to have you on-board!

To join, simply click the link above to access the Membership Application. After filling it out and printing, bring it with you to the first classroom session (1st Monday of the month at 6:45 PM) along with your checkbook and you will be registered on the spot. Make sure you sign the first page of the application as well as the liability waiver on the second page. Upon payment of your membership fees, you will get your student membership card and at 7:00 PM, the classroom 1 will start.

All meetings are virtual via ZOOM or MS Teams


The current annual dues is $450, which includes $50 worth of boat use fees and all necessary instruction as outlined above.
Boat use fees are per the following table:
Boat Rates
Victory Ensign
Hourly $10.00 $15.00
Full Day $50.00 $75.00
Race Fees $30.00 $40.00
Volunteer Rates
Maintenance Work $8 per hour
Instructor/check out $8 per hour

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