Cristin Smith new member

Sailing club

Well done Christin Smith! One of our new sailing club members checked out on the Victories on Sunday 10/25/2021 and is looking forward to enjoy leisurely sailing on our beautiful San Diego bay with Convair Sailing Club. Cristin is a business owner of a holistic heath practice Saffron & Sage in Mission Hills San Diego

New Member check out – Eiden Karmel

Sailing Lessons

Congratulation to Eiden Karmel, a new member that successfully completed the check out on Sunday 10/25/2021 on the Victory sailboat at Convair Sailing Club!  Eiden is a public defender and recently moved from New Orleans to San Diego. He is looking forward to participate  in the racing regattas. Welcome aboard! Are you interested in joining […]

New member – Chris Stafford


Well done Chris completing your checkout with Convair Sailing Club on Sunday 10/10/2021 Are you interested in sailing on San Diego Bay? Convair Sailing Club offers the best sailing rates for club members in San Diego    

New member at Convair Sailing Club – Sheri Smith

Congratulations to one of our new members at Convair Sailing Club that completed their Victory check- out  on Sunday 10/10/2021. Convair Sailing Club in San Diego offer classroom and on-the-water training for all new members that join the Club. Experienced Club members will teach you how to sail and enjoy the fun of sailing on […]

New member! Barrett Lambert


Barrett Lambert recently joined Convair Sailing Club to learn a new skill and enjoy sailing on San Diego bay. Barrett checked out in October 2021. Former engineer and pilot, now retired, believes in keeping on learning new things. Barrett is looking to become active in our racing fleet. Congratulations Barrett! Welcome aboard!

New member Dallas Brown

Learn to Sail

Dallas checked out on 09/04/2021 and is looking forward to having sailing fun in San Diego bay Well done Dallas!

New member – Fernando Valera

Learn to sail

Another one of our new members recently checked out and is excited to join the racing program. Fernando is a software development consultant and business owner and moved to San Diego from San Francisco during 2020. 

New Member – Jim Condon

Jim Condon learn to sail

Jim Condon and his sweetheart Stefanya checked out July 2021 and are participating in our Victory regattas.