October regatta with boat assignments

October Racing Letter

CSC/TPSC REGATTA – Letter 2 – 2022 October 8, 9 October 2, 2022  Fleet order = C,A,B,D   Fleet C PRO = Ryan Drobek       Sat, Oct 8, 1030 AM    Skipper           Sdav      Boat James Walker        4.333     610 Tabor’s Pirates     4.619     611 Daniel Sisson       4.835     615 Pauline Ng          4.897     648 Fred McDougal       5.029     TPSC […]

2022 Ocean Race for the Victory Dorsey Cup and the Ensign Ocean Race Trophy


Winning the Ensign race – Congratulations to the E722 Captain Frank Long and crew — great sailing ! Congratulations! to Sandy and John for your Victory win!! We had four Ensigns and four Victories.  Kim Carter sailed Victory 500 down from MBYC in time for the start.  David Velez and crew borrowed Victory 615, but […]

Sailing on San Diego Bay – Victory Regatta


Two Victory sailboats from Convair Sailing Club participating in a Victory regatta sailing on San Diego bay on a downwind run sailing wing-on-wing. The sailboat crew’s ability to achieve this wing-on-wing sail configuration will greatly maximize the power of the wind. Furthermore the skipper’s skill to get the sailboat and sails in the correct position […]

Regatta Results – Enjoy Racing – 2021  October 9, 10

Racing - Convair Sailing Club

Participate with Convair Sailing Club monthly regattas four fleets on San Diego Bay Come enjoy racing with Convair Sailing Club and participate in regular monthly regattas with neighboring clubs Torrey Pines Sailing Club and Mission Bay Yacht Club’s Victory Fleet There was an error in recording the October B fleet.  Corrected results follow below 10/17/2021: […]

Racing – CSC/TPSC REGATTA – Final – 2021 October 9, 10

Racing - Convair Sailing Club

CSC/TPSC REGATTA – Final – 2021 October 9, 10 October 6, 2021  Fleet order = D,C,A,B   Fleet D PRO = Frank Long         Sat, October 9, 1030 AM    Skipper          Sdav      Boat Joe Curran          4.715     634 Mark Whitehouse     4.848     618 Jim Condon          5.072     610 Blind Squirrels     5.647     TPSC James Thomas        6.800     Cancel     Fleet […]