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In spite of an extensive effort to keep the Convair Sailing Club Lehr propane outboards in running condition, half of the outboard engines have reached the end of their useful life and have been retired. Presently, only two remain functional.

A total of three 5 HP gasoline powered motors (used but in excellent and almost new condition) have been acquired to replace the Lehrs.  In view of this change back to gasoline power, it is very important that additives are used to prevent the adverse effects of the ethanol in the gas purchased from service stations.

Adding one ounce of Startron (stabilizer) and 3 ounces of SeaFoam (carburetor cleaner) to each 3 gallon tank of gas after purchasing new gas will go a very long way in keeping these motors easy to start and running well.  A container of each with a measuring cup attached will be stored on the right side of the west-most dock box (the one containing the tools).
I will label each of the onboard gas tanks with a reminder label for the additives.  I will also attach laminated check list cards for starting, stopping, and troubleshooting to each motor.

If a motor won’t start after 5-8 pulls and after going through the start checklist, a quick squirt of starting spray into the carb air intake will usually get it going.  A can of starting spray is also kept in the Convair Sailing Club tool dock box.