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Path to Ocean Certification


Without Ocean Certification, club members are not allowed to take club boats past Ballast Point. In order to qualify to be able to do that, you need to submit an application to the Board for approval.

  1. Completed at least 50 hours as captain on the Ensigns
  2. Completed sailing course by Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxillary
  3. Demonstrate a track record of responsible sailing
  4. Submit written application to board with sailing resume ot board
  5. Recommended equipment includes: tools, reefing lines, first aid kit, rain gear, VHF radio, Lights, GPS, ocean class life vest, submit sail plan to family member, tie yourself with safety line
  6. Remember the club member captain in command is always personally responbile. The club does not have insurance for liability, personal injury, assets or 3rd party as this is cost prohibitive.