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Sailing with San Diego Sailing Club

Convair Sailing Club is where enthusiasts that love sailing navigate the waves with passion and camaraderie.

At San Diego’s Convair Sailing Club, we believe in more than just navigating the waves – we foster a sense of community that is unparalleled in the sailing world.

We are a member’s only driven club and invite you to join us for thrilling sailing adventures, fostering a vibrant community that welcomes sailors of all skill levels.

San Diego Sailing Club welcomes sailors of all levels, from seasoned pros to beginners just starting out on their sailing journey. Our members share a love for sailing and a dedication to exploring it in a safe and enjoyable way. 

We take safety seriously and strive to maintain a culture of responsibility and respect on the water.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just starting out, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with others who share your passion.

With our diverse range of events and activities, there’s always something new to discover at Convair Sailing Club.
Join us today and discover the joy of sailing with like-minded adventurers!.

San Diego Sailing Club members participate in arranging events to go sailing with friends and club members. With 16 day sailing boats perfect for sailing in San Diego bay you can arrange your own flotilla with friends and other memebrs and have fun swimming in the anchor sports in San Diego bay. 

We have 2 fleets that have regular montly regattas so it you enjoy racing come and check it out. Small boat racing regattas are a lot of fun. We set up a course in San Diego bay in front of Harbor Island. Other clubs like Torrey Pines and Mission Bay also join in our sailing fleet regattas. We also have an annual ocean race and mid winters regatta in Mission Bay hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club. The best way to learn is to participate in small boats. Learn how to race by crewign for other teams, then captain your own boat.

If you love to tinker on boats and have skills to share and train other club members, come and help maintain the boats sand share your knowledge and show others club members how to do it to fix the boats more cost effective and keep costs low, and keep th eboats in a good condition to the benefit of all.