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Convair Sailing Club Social Meet


On Sunday August 13  we had a huge turn out of 25 members joining our club Sunday Funday Fun sail and Social Meetup. Go Sailors!

Four Ensigns went out and a number of other members that could not make the sail, joined us afterwards for the social and BBQ. Thanks to all for bringing a potluck to share – the spread was delicious!

Commodore Louis announced that the Club needs to replace the older sails, and that we need to Fund the Sail Fund! Louis challenged all members to sail 10 more hours in the next month (or two..): 110 members x 10 extra sailing hours x $10 per hour (on the Victories) will give us the $10k we need to order the new sails.

One member suggested you could even add another hour into the sailing log every time you sail to make up the hours to reach the goal faster. Another suggested to donate a $100 to the Fund the Sail Fund if you cant get out sailing.


Let’s do this!