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Hello all Convair Club members !

“Supersloopers” is a reminder of the history of our club. More accurately termed “formation sailing,” it was one of the opportunities for members to get together to enjoy and enrich their mastery of the art of sailing, challenging ourselves to improving our boat handling skills. Traditionally alternating with race practice it was a very popular activity among those who could take a Thursday afternoon off and enjoy an afternoon in our Victory sailboats on the bay. Well, the event is still active and still led by our head coach Alex Leondis. We still sail Thursdays from 1200, often it’s formation sailing followed by race practice, sometimes just a leisurely sail. We ask those who decide to participate on a regular basis to bring with them a family service radio (think: CB radio) which we use to communicate between boats. I can help with info and recommendations.

I would like to extend this invitation to you new members (and a couple of you who re-joined recently) to sail with us on Thursdays. If you are a novice we will pair you up with a more skilled sailor. If you are an expert we will give you a chance to challenge yourself. If you wish to bring a crew mate feel free to do so. If you are solo you will be able to pair up with another member. Finally, if you wish to suggest an alternative group sail we’ll put it up to the others – how about a group sail to a yacht club for lunch?

Join us !
Contact Harry Smith – sa****@li**.com