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For sailing or cruising on yachts, San Diego remains the first choice for ocean lovers. To meet that demand, San Diego has become home to many iconic sailboat clubs throughout the last century. Although several of these prestigious sailboats & motor boat clubs have a long history, many newbies still don’t know about them. Beginners must know two things; top yacht/sailboat clubs in San Diego and what makes San Diego the best place to sail.

Top 4 Yacht Clubs In San Diego

There are many yacht clubs in San Diego for obvious reasons. Yacht clubs offer private memberships for owners of sailboats, and motor boats. Cruisers trawlers or fishing boats. Many boaters from other states maintain their boats at one of these yacht clubs. Yacht club are private clubs and do require membership. Introduction and recommendation by fellow members and a handsome entry fee, together with a required minimum monthly spending is required.  It’s were the elite meet and membership can easily runs up to multiple thousands for the privilege to join.

 San Diego Yacht Club

On their website, the prestigious San Diego Yacht club is: “consistently ranked among the top 5 yacht clubs in the Nation and is recognized by the Club Leadership Forum as one of the finest facilities of its kind in the world.

The club evolved from local boating enthusiasts that joined together in 1886 and the current clubhouse on Shelter Island in San Diego has been in use since 1960. The club offers approximately 600 boat slips and most of the club members own boats

The club hosts many activities for members, regattas in the sailing community and programs for juniors. For more information see their website

 Southwestern Yacht Club

The Southwestern Yacht Club, located in San Diego’s Point Loma district, has been a community mainstay since 1925. The club is located on gorgeous San Diego Bay, with spectacular views of the downtown skyline.

The casual and inviting ambiance of this club makes it the ideal spot to kick back after a hectic day. This yacht club is full service offering a restaurant, event area, bar, etc. Other amenities include a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, etc.

Membership options at the Southwestern Yacht Club include racing, cruising, and social memberships. The club is open all year and conducts many activities, making it an ideal place to socialize with people around you. The Southwestern Yacht Club now has over 800 members, making it one of the largest yacht clubs in San Diego.

Silver Gate Yacht Club

Founded in 1952, The Silver Gate Yacht Club is situated in the Point Loma area. The club is iconic, and rich in history. The owners renovated the club and now have all modern amenities. It also has an event space to hold special events. There is also a marina nearby with dry and wet slips so the members can have easy access to the ocean.

The Silver Gate yacht club has a wider array of fleets such as cruising fleets, racing fleets, fishing fleets, etc. The Silver Gate Yacht Club also holds many events around the year. This is where the renowned San Diego club race week is hosted.

Whether you love music, dance, or crave exotic foods, the silver gate yacht club is home to all. Clubhouse facilities, library, gym, pool and many more facilities will make sure you never get bored in the Silver Gate yacht club.

Point Loma Yacht Club

Point Loma Yacht Club is one of San Diego’s private yacht clubs. As the name suggests, the club is located in Point Loma and has been around since the 1900s. The club has everything that you might require for a memorable sailing session.

The Point Loma Yacht Club offers a clubhouse with a view of San Diego Bay. Due to the year-round accessibility to activities like racing, cruises, and many others, this is the ideal place to unwind.

Additionally, the Point Loma Yacht Club has a marina with wet slips. However, access to the clubhouse and its amenities is granted only to members of the Point Loma Yacht Club.

This club also organizes numerous social events all year long. The clubhouse is available for arranging social events like birthday parties and weddings as well. If you’re looking for one of the best clubs in San Diego, Point Loma Club is the way to go.

Why Is San Diego Best For Sailing?

First things first, the weather is perfect in San Diego for sailing. San Diego has an average of 300 sunny days in a year. The summer is not too hot and winter is not too cold. The wind remains consistent all through the year making it perfect for sailing.

San Diego also offers rare whale sightings. You will get to see pacific gray whales during both early spring and winter. The sight of whale pods and calves swimming with adults is truly mesmerizing. Besides sailing, there are lots of fun things to do in San Diego. If you want something else to do in between sailing, the clubs got you covered as they offer a wide array of diverse amenities.


The Top Yacht / Sailboat Clubs in San Diego have something to offer to everyone. You can take your friends, family, and loved ones to these clubs and have a wonderful time. Private clubs have an application process and application fee and annual membership fee and are the country clubs on the water. Happy cruising!