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Victory Bottom Paint

The huge project is being spearheaded by long term member, Chief of Racing and past Commodore – Sandy Leon THANKS SANDY!

Thank you also to all the members that have volunteered to assist and help working on this project.  To do all the boats, one by one, will take quite some time. We plan to be completed before tax season starts. This is regular and ongoing maintenance, and by doing it ourselves, we can save more than 50% of the cost to take each boat to the boat yard to be hauled out of the water. All the boats should be done around the same time to maintain the fleet, log and track the condition of the boat, stagger with other expense e.g. replacing aging sails, maintain fleet in comparable condition for regattas.

Please help us by contacting Sandy Leon. No previous experience required, just a willingness and time to help. Sandy will provide hands on instruction. Learn how to work on boats and help the club!


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