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Sailboats At Anchor

Sailing through the waters in San Diego Bay is an experience unlike anything else. There is a
reason why San Diego is preferred by many for cruising and sailing. There are many places you can rent a boat in San Diego. You will be looking for boat charters, boat rentals and day boat excursion (tourist, vacation, and fishing) trips. Yacht Clubs and Sailing Clubs are membership clubs that cater for their members and do not offer daily rentals to non-members. (more on clubs in another article)
However, knowing the price is also important for first timers so that you don’t get ripped off.
Also, there are a few things to check before renting boats. So, without any further ado, let’s get right in!

What’s the Average Cost for Boat Rental in San Diego?

The price of daily occasional boat rental varies in San Diego depending on the boat. Following is a detailed discussion about boat rental price in San Diego:

1. Sailboat Rent Cost
Nothing beats a day on the bay and a refreshing ocean breeze. Sailboats are a cheap and enjoyable way to master a new skill and traverse the water without using an engine. If you want to hire a boat in San  Diego, this is a fantastic excursion. To hire a sailboat for 1-10 people in San Diego, it will cost you around $50 per hour. If you are intrigued by the magic of sailing in silence and want to learn and do it yourself this is for you. Seaforth Boat Rentals operated from Harbor Island East for sail and power boats.

2. Powerboat Rent Cost
This boat is ideal for  drenaline enthusiasts who enjoy going fast. Power boats are a terrific option for friends and family who want to not only enjoy the bay, but also want to floor it! Powerboats can hold 1-8 passengers; and the cost is higher than sailboats. For 1 hour, you’ll have to pay about $175. If you just want to push the button and go fast then explore this option. Contact Speed Boat Adventure Rentals on Harbor Island in San Diego Bay.

3. Jet Ski Rent Cost
A jet ski is the combination of the fresh air of a sailboat with the velocity of a powerboat in a small watercraft. For a genuine adventurous ride, jet skis are the way to go. These vessels are for adventurers who want speed, excitement and fresh air all in the same package

A jet ski can hold 1-2 passengers and the rent per hour is around $100. San Diego Bay Adventures on Harbor Island has 515 reviews and 4.8 Star rating on google

4. Fishing Excursions
Several fishing boats offer daily charters for any size group. These professional commercial large sports fishing cruisers take 10 – 50 people out to the prime fishing areas for deep sea and sport fishing. If you desire a high probability of bagging a big catch, search out these sport
fishers that operate from Shelter Island. Starting from $65 per person for half day up to $1,500 for 4 person package. Go to that has a 4.5 star on google  reviews.

5. Yacht
There are usually two types of yacht available for rent and/or charter. Private yachts are small and can hold 15-20 passengers whereas large yachts can accommodate up to 100 passengers. Large Yachts are typically motorized but sailboat options are also available. Let’s take a look:

Private yacht – If you want to kick back and relax with up to 12 of your friends and family, private yachts are made for you. Private yachts include a Captain and Crew because they are complicated to operate. You can cruise the Bay, get some fresh air and do some ocean sailing. Private yacht rental in San Diego costs around $550 per hour. Aolani is a 58 foot catamaran that offers private and public charters

Large yacht – This is a yacht experience for large parties to explore San Diego Bay in a vast and luxurious manner. A captain, crew, dance floor, bar, bartender is all included! Big yachts are ideal for special celebrations, birthday parties, corporate events etc. It costs around $1,000 per hour and can accommodate up to 100 passengers.

6. Join a club

A membership sailing club offers many benefits including training, boat availability and the convenience of th eboats already in teh water and can be rigged and off to go in 20 minutes. Annual membership is cost effective and you can ail daily at low sailing cost. Look at joining a local sailing club like Convair Sailing Club


3 Things to Know Before Renting a Boat

Here are 3 things to look out for before renting a boat. It’s not only applicable for San Diego, but everywhere else. Let’s take a look:

1. Know How Boat Rental Works
Boat rentals in San Diego usually offer lots of packages with differing price points. However, you won’t necessarily have to rent a package (e.g. water sport toys, fishing, catering) all the time. Just figure out what you are looking for, then see if any package matches your demand. If not, you can talk with the rental company about what you want and they are likely to fix something for you.

2. Make sure the Captain is Experienced
To drive a charter / rental boat for a fee, you must have a USCG captain’s license. If you don’t, you will need a  captained vessel. Even if you have a license, we recommend that you hire a boat with a captain and crew because they are more experienced in these waters and know the ins and outs of the boat. Plus, you will get more free time enjoying your time out in the water.

3. Don’t Hire Boat From Private Owners
Whatever you do, don’t hire boats from private owners. There will be lots of offers that are cheaper to lure you into hiring private vessels. Doing so can get you into legal trouble. Before hiring a boat, make sure the company has proper license, insurance and the captain has
updated USCG license.

Sailing or cruising in a boat is a great experience, and it can be better if you get the best deal. Make sure you can  competently command the boat, if you want to do it yourself, or rent a boat captain and enjoy the ride. You can get a bang for the buck if you know the cost of boat rental. Also, some elementary knowledge regarding the matter can give you a pleasant experience.

Have a safe and great day on the water in beautiful San Diego bay!