How to fix up sailboat Victory 610

Victory 610

Kudos to Alen Metzger, who recently stepped up to become the boat captain for sailboat Victory 610, for all the hard work to refurbish multiple components. Don’t underestimate the hard work and these improvements are a significant amount of work and can take a long time. The amount of time and work needed at a level […]

What is sailing terminology?

Sailboat terms image

Here are some basic sailing terms and techniques: Windward: The direction from which the wind is blowing, coming from, upwind Leeward: The direction away from which the wind is blowing, direction the wind is blowing to Tacking: Turning the bow of the boat through the wind so that the sails fill on the opposite side. […]

Where can I learn to sail?

Learn to Sail

Where can I learn to Sail? There are several sailing schools in San Diego where you can learn to sail.  You may want to start with a couple of introductory sails to see if you enjoy this and think this is for you before you spend money to join a club and pay for sailing […]

How can I sail an Ensign?

Sailing Fun

How do I get in an Ensign sailboat? The Convair Sailing Club Victory sailboats are a blast to race and they’re excellent for learning but when you want to take out friends and family you need a little more cockpit space. Convair Sailing Club owns and maintain a fleet of six (6) Pearsons Ensigns. They […]

Who has right of way?

Right Of Way

RIGHT OR WRONG? SOME TIPS ON WHO HAS RIGHT-OF-WAY ON THE WATER By Bob Keefe Always be on the lookout. Always be alert. With the water getting more crowded with summer, it’s important to remember some rules of the road. Determining who has right of way on the Bay (or any other body of water, […]

Photo Contest

Convair Sailing Club Photo contest

2022 Sailing Photo Contest Calling all photographers – that is every sailor with a cell phone! Submit your 2022 Convair Sailing Club pics in our 2022 contest. Get published in our newsletter and on our website! Closing date is 03/15/2023 Photos should be taken and dated in 2022 and relate to Convair Sailing Club. Email […]

Congratulations Harry!

Sailor of the Year award

Sailor of the Year Award! Convair Sailing Club recently announced the Sailor of the Year  award to Harry Smith. Harry has revived the “Super Slooper Sailors” (post Covid 19) that get together for a fun sail every week on Thursdays at noon. Alec Leondis (bottom right) aslo led the Super Slooper program for many years. Thank […]

V610 Bottom Paint completed

V610 bottom paint completed

Bottom Paint on Victory 610 completed Kudo’s to Sandy Leon and the team of volunteeers  that worked hard to complete the bottom paint of Victory 610.   Sailboat Victory 610 was parked at Sandy’s home on the trailer while the work was performed. Environmental protection measures were implemented by placing a plastic tarp under the […]

What Songs are about Sailing?


Rod Stewart, singer, hit song Sailing Rod Stewart – Sailing Watch the official video on youtube Rod Stewart Sailing. The song was released on the album ‘Atlantic Crossing’ in 1975 – see discography on Rod Stewart (born 1945) offical website. The song reached #1 in UK and #2  on USA billboards. According to Wikipedia: “Stewart […]

Convair Flying Car 1947

Convair Flying Car 1947

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft (Convair) tested a flying car here 75 years ago. The experimental dual-use ConvAirCar was designed by Theodore Hall. The machine combined a four-passenger, rear engine automobile with a detachable wing and 190 horse power Lycoming aircraft engine. The prototype flew for the first time on November 15, 1947. On Nov. 18, the […]

Annual Registation Night

Annual Registration Night

The Club Annual Registration Night is Wednesday January 25th at the La Jolla Village Square Community Room from 6 – 8 pm This is a social event and opportunity to meet your fellow club members! Address: 8657 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037 Location: Community Room downstairs next to the AMC movie theaters’ ticket […]

2023 Budget & Annual Dues

Budget 2023

Convair Sailing Club has performed well in 2022 and we have had 32+ new members join the club in 2022 WE ARE GROWING!! Thanks to all who refered new members, helped with recruitment and promoted out club! As you may know, we are currently undertaking the neccessary sceduled maintenance of bottom painting the sailboats, starting with the […]

2023 Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2023

2023 Convair Sailing Club Board of Directors A special thanks to all our 2022 Board Members for their time and contribution to help to run your club and make it a sucess and all the dedicated hours of hard work! The 2023 slate of 13 voting officers for our club’s Board of Directors will be […]

Got shirt?

Merchandizing Storefront

The Convair Sailing Club Store is now OPEN!   We are happy to announce that you can now shop online at your own leisure and order your very own customized personal T-shirt, hat or jacket. and proudly display CONVAIR SAILING CLUB wherever you go. Get some friends together and do a bulk order. item are […]

Top Yacht and Sailboat Clubs in San Diego

Friends preparing boat for sailing

For sailing or cruising on yachts, San Diego remains the first choice for ocean lovers. To meet that demand, San Diego has become home to many iconic sailboat clubs throughout the last century. Although several of these prestigious sailboats & motor boat clubs have a long history, many newbies still don’t know about them. Beginners […]

Robert “Bob” Sylvester Triplett Jr. – RIP

Robert Triplett (RIP)

1943—2022 – Always and Forever – RIPConvair Sailing Club Commodore 1998 Robert Sylvester Triplett Jr. (Bob), 78 years old, born on 12/03/1943 in Washington DC to Robert Sylvester and Mae Lucielle (Oehler) Triplett, raised in Alaska, lived, loved, and passed away in San Diego, CA on July 19, 2022, after a 2 ½ yr. battle with […]

Sailing Celebrities

John F Kenndy Sailing

There are many famous people that are well known as sailing celebrities. Can you name a few? Bob Seger Well know music artist Bob Seger, born Robert Clark Seger May 6, 1945, is an American singer, songwriter and musician and also sailor. Bob made headlines as an amateur sailor and won the Port Huron to […]

Convair Sailing Club website is now ADA compliant


Of the approx 8 billion people on earth, more than 1 billion is considered to be living with  a physical disability. More than 1 million people in the USA have a visual disability. We have made our website ADA compliant to assist people with a visual impairment to be able to navigate our website. We […]

What is the Cost to Rent a Sailboat in San Diego?

Sailing Boat Victory 632

What is the Cost to Rent a Sailboat in San Diego? Sailing through the waters in San Diego Bay is an experience unlike anything else. There is a reason why San Diego is preferred by many for cruising and sailing. There are many places you can rent a boat in San Diego. You will be […]

2023 Budget & Dues

2023 Application form

2023 Budget & Annual Dues Your club has performed well in 2022 and we have had 32+ new members join the club in 2022 WE ARE GROWING!! Thanks to all who referred new members, helped with recruitment and promoted out club! As you may know, we are currently undertaking the necessary scheduled maintenance of bottom […]